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COEMPT EDUTECK's online examination system is fully customizable according to your need. Beginning from the selection of the questions to delivery of result, our system uses state of the art technology to give you the best. Having served both top-notch educational institutions and corporate, our online examination system has proved its quality.

Author the questions

  • Add / edit /delete questions. Create your own questions with customized feedback, marks, etc.
  • Select the appropriate question type from 8 different question types.
  • Embed multimedia files like audio, video, flash animations, etc. to the question.
  • Organize questions based on category; subject / topic / marks.

Question types

  • Fill in the blanks
  • Multiple choice (single correct option)
  • Multiple choice (multiple correct option)
  • True or false
  • Case study
  • Match the following
  • Spoken response
  • Descriptive questions

Design the Assessment

  • Select questions from the question bank to suit your requirement
  • Define assessment: Max time, max marks, no. of questions from each category, etc.
  • Select questions from the question bank that appears randomly to ensure each student gets a different question paper or opt for jumbling of question sequence of selected questions.

Process of enrolling students for the exam.

  • Online exam enables enrolment of students in the exam server.
  • Student and his/her respective centre are inter-linked.
  • Enrolled students will access to the exam only after authentication.
  • Biometric authentication of all the students entering the exam hall can be administered to avoid impersonation.

Process of examination

  • Students log in with Hall ticket id or user name & password to take the test.
  • Questions are delivered to the authorized students through PC (browser-based) connected to the exam server.
  • Clear instructions and easy navigation facilitates ease of use for students
  • Software tracks the time consumed and the time remaining for each student. This helps students manage their time.
  • In case of any interruption due to power failure / other reasons, student can start from the question he/she has last attempted and all the responses to the earlier questions are retained.

Results / Reporting

  • After a participant completes the exam, the answers are stored in database of the local server.
  • Data is uploaded to the central server either through Internet or by taking backup of the database in secure mode.
  • Authorized persons only will have access to this data through Assessment Management Software interface.
  • Answer scripts of each student can be stored with score for future reference in html format as softcopies.
  • Results are compiled and can be published on the web site after approval by authorized persons.