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Online Examination Management System integrated with OnMark - Online marking facilitation services

COEMPT EDUTECK offers end-to-end examination management service for any university/educational institution which includes the following service components.

  • Automation of Pre-examination processes
  • Secure delivery of question papers online
  • Answer script scanning
  • On-line evaluation of scanned answer script
  • Automation of Post-examination processes

Examination management projects require a customer-centric approach i.e., a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of the university/educational institution, flexibility in designing a customized solution, capabilities of managing a large scanning and online evaluation operation and ensuring high level of data-security. Having handled many examination projects, COEMPT EDUTECK can ensure a successful delivery of examination project.

COEMPT EDUTECK's unique OnMark – online evaluation service is delivered using feature-rich online marking software. We train all the stake-holders on the features of the software and help the university optimize on exam management costs.

Some notable features of Online Marking Service

  • Question-wise segmentation of answer scripts should be possible
  • Single user interface for exception handling processes
  • Screen space maximization for better marking / evaluation possibilities
  • Thumbnail navigation feature
  • Marking guidance display
  • Annotation based marking possibilities or Direct entry marking
  • Administrator privileges to add or remove markers based on their performance
  • Possibility for marker to review their past marking
  • Automatic monitoring of markers performance through moderated answers
  • All round quality checks through sampling rate adjustment while marking or on the basis of individualized marker performance
  • Configurability in applying marking standards that includes and revolves around sampling interval, tolerance and escalation methodology
  • Audit reporting per examiner
  • Provision for the senior markers to intervene in the marking process to check quality of marking