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Digital India Mission is transforming India into a digitally empowered society and a knowledge economy. This has also led to affordable internet connectivity in remote regions of the country which is good news to the education sector, as it has now made it possible for colleges to use ICT effectively in their teaching-learning endeavors. Students too are empowered to access rich e-Learning material on the web to improve their domain knowledge.

Today, students join engineering colleges to become successful engineers and the college plays a vital role in realizing their dream by facilitating holistic education, but colleges are faced by major challenges such as availability of quality faculty, infrastructure, and ever-changing technology demands etc.,

EduLib is designed to empower the engineering colleges to overcome the above cited challenges, as it aids meticulous execution of learning methods that help them in their academic pursuit.

Salient Features

  • Digital Library comprises of 170+ engineering modules with over 2500 topics and 700+ e-LABs across branches - ECE, EEE, MECH, CIVIL, CSE & IT
  • EduLib e-Content portal is hosted in a Data Center to ensure 100% uptime and hassle free access
  • Individual student logins will be provided
  • Instructionally designed integrated module comprising of Concepts, Applications, Solved Examples, Quiz, etc.,
  • Self-Test with Scoreboard, Review, Explanations
  • Practice experiments before attempting live
  • Enhances understanding and retention of concepts
  • Anytime-Anywhere online access to self paced e-learning modules
  • Reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom.